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Eco Rustic | Yediburunlar Lighthouse, Turquoise Coast, Turkey

September 25, 2011

For all the multitude of definitions of ecotourism, including a plethora of additional terms like Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Tourism, at the heart of it is a type of tourism that strives to positively impact its immediate community and environment. In the age of mass tourism, and an explosion of LCC’s (Budget Airlines) that is seeing more travelers than ever before, more people are hitting the road and taking to the skies. Just imagine for a second if a fraction of the newly minted middle class of China and India start traveling…. That’s a LOT of travelers.

Against this reality, the true champions of this type of tourism are the small players, the mom and pop proprietors of small Inns, Lodges and Homestays that were practicing ecotourism before it became a definition. By default, they constructed the hotel with local materials, create jobs for the immediate community, and source most of their needs locally. And above all, most are run by real people from the community who are part of the social fabric and culture. These players are the best proponents of promoting everything local, with their intimate knowledge and experience of their immediate environment. A small hotel much like Yediburunlar Lighthouse, a delightful eco lodge run by a amicable couple, Leon, a South African national and his Turkish wife, Turk Semra

Yediburunlar means “seven noses,” the Turkish description of the seven bays that make up the Turquoise Coast at the Mediterranean’s eastern end. This six-room inn delivers seclusion in a big way. Though the structure isn’t technically a lighthouse, guests will find sweeping views of the sea where Jason and the Argonauts once sailed. Activities include coastal hikes, local excursions, and sailboat cruises.

Solar panels heat the water, and recycling is a priority.

Inspiration: Coastal Living, The Travel Editor

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