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Eco Chic | Costa Lanta, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

September 26, 2011

Costa Lanta_TH_1952

“Boxy glam amid coconut grove”, best describes a jewel of a Costa Lanta boutique resort on Koh Lanta Yai (Lanta Yai Island) in the Andaman sea. The first project from Thai wunderkid architect Duangrit Bunnag that took a decidedly different route to tropical resort design, avoiding thatch roofs, frivolous ornaments and hideous poolside stone statues. Opting instead for simple geometry, clean lines and a modernist twist on resort design language.

Bunnag has gone on to design more sleek and eco-friendly hotels in Thailand, taking a modern twist on natural materials, with his X2 Resort in Koh Samui, X2 Resort in Kui Buri, and Alila Cha-Am in Hua Hin (which has now been reflagged as Cha-Am, as Alila is no longer managing the property.

Costa Lanta_TH_www.weareprivate.com_costa-lanta-2

A survivor of the devastating tsunami in December 2005, with a Costa Lanta’s Spanish-sounding name immediately demands attention to something out of the ordinary. In the interest of environmental preservation, bungalows are built away from immediate beachfront: they are cleverly sparsely tucked away across the coconut grove.

Costa Lanta_TH_www.weareprivate.com_costa-lanta-22

The 22 open-box style bungalows are minimalist luxury, with an oversized bed, a mosquito net, air conditioning, an indoor/outdoor bath, and direct access to the beach.

Made from concrete and from teak hardwood salvaged from old Colonial homes, creating an ensemble of hard-edged geometric forms, with wide windows overlooking the gardens and the beach.

Costa Lanta_TH_www.weareprivate.com_costa-lanta-333

Services are unobtrusive, with an infinity pool facing the beach, a waterfront restaurant and bar serving fresh and authentic Thai cuisine and sexy cocktails, and a host of leisure options, including traditional Thai massage and an extraordinarily mellow little lounge.

Costa Lanta_TH_1954

Keep this secret to yourself, for Costa Lanta is an intriguing find indeed. And we’ll surely see more of this laid-back style of resort design popping across the region in the near future.

Costa Lanta_TH_10482Costa Lanta_TH_1953Costa Lanta_TH_www.weareprivate.com_costa-lanta

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