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Unique Pop-Up Hotel made from Shipping Containers [1]

February 21, 2013

Logo_Sleeping-Around_Pop-Up-Container-Hotel_www.sleepingaround.euindex.asp-taal=en_dian-hasan-branding_BE-1The term “Sleeping Around” may conjure up rather negative images to denote someone who’s hops beds, and not necessarily of the business-travel or leisure-travel kind! But this is exactly the description that this unique pop-up hotel concept from Antwerp, Belgium wanted. Sleeping Around is a mobile hotel made from shipping containers that can be moved around to temporary locations that require them. Think concerts, sporting events, and other large events that require practical accommodation nearby. And furthermore this pop-up hotel can also be moved to other locations where there are no hotels, where travelers can enjoy natural beauty in remote areas. There’s one condition though – so long as you can move the containers to the site.

What I particulary like about it is that they are designed with travelers’ comfort in mind, and not merely as a barebones place that caters to backpackers or modeled after the capsule hotels that were made popular by sake-thirsty Tokyo “sarariman” (literally translates to “salary man”, which is what they call corporate executives in Japan). So expect to find higher thread count in their linens and ensuite bathrooms so you don’t have to venture into a communal one like in most hostels.


Sleeping Around comprises 6 containers that can be moved from one location to another, and is configured into 4 containers for bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, 1 container for Breakfast & Lounge Area, and 1 container for the sauna. Sleeping Around hails from the port city of Antwerp in Belgium.


The hotel rooms provide a superior and comfortable night’s stay and include: floating box-spring bed with high quality linen, XXL Hansgrohe Raindance Shower, Rituals amenities, Dyson air conditioning system, …


Sleeping Around is a unique pop-up hotel. The term “pop-up” goes beyond merely “making an appearance”. Here, it denotes exclusivity, flexibility and innovation: a unique experience with a strong element of surprise. Already successfully employed in retail, the concept has never been extensively applied to hotels. Until now, that is.


Our pop-up hotel offers a ready-made answer: a compact yet luxurious hotel room, equipped with all the mod cons: a box-spring bed, rain shower, iPod docking station and air conditioning – all contained in a 20ft recycled sea container.

We think green and employ only ecologically responsible materials. The containers themselves are produced in China, after which they are used for worldwide transport. As it is not always profitable to return the containers empty, they are often left behind in ports, including Antwerp’s. This unique concept offers the ideal mix of adventure and comfort at some of the most impressive locations in the city.

Sleeping-Around-Container-Pop-Up-Hotel_dian-hasan-branding_Antwerp-BE-2 Sleeping-Around-Container-Pop-Up-Hotel_dian-hasan-branding_Antwerp-BE-1 Sleeping-Around-Container-Pop-Up-Hotel_dian-hasan-branding_Antwerp-BE-8

Inspiration: Eye-Maps; Ideas Inspiring Innovation; Design Boom

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