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“We travel, some of us forever to seek other states, other loves, other souls.”~ Anaïs Nin (Author)

“We are passionate about travelling. It’s a great way to challenge and provoke yourself, and an even better way to see, feel, discover, enjoy and taste. Travelling provides a unique frame for your emotions and the sensations, flavors and pleasures you encounter. It’s impossible to keep them to yourself, and probably the best investment you will ever make.”

~ Una Meistere and Andrejs Žagars (Founders of

Ja v Jakarte, Aug 2009 My Dear Thirsty Traveler,

Let’s start with the question: what exactly constitutes a unique travel destination?

What separates us, humans, from all other species is our ability to fuel our curiosity about the world around us.  We’ve all entered this world with a built-in DNA that includes the yearning to discover and explore. Travel is the epitome that meets these traits.
After all, we’re the best equipped with the right resources and our ability not only to feel our experiences, but more importantly, the ability to record and document our travels.

And while we may not necessarily be the only species that are mobile, think of others – from ants to wildebeests – that migrate from one place to another in response to nature’s changing seasons. Arguably they do it for the sake of survival. While we don’t! For the “exhilaration, excitement, and exploration” that we seek are undoubtedly our exclusive domain that other species don’t share.

So back to the question… I opt not to attempt to answer it, as there is no right answer. It is our hope that this media can accommodate your curiosity about how to make the most of your life through travel. A different kind of travel experience, that only you find personally satisfying.

Therefore, whether your curiosity is about Anteaters in Angola to Zebras in Zimbabwe plains, or Anantarivo to Zurich, or Açaí juice to Zabaglione, or Abseiling to Zip-Line travel… we hope to be able to quench your thirst with travel information that is geared towards a “uniqueness that is you”.

Keep discovering. Keep exploring.

And never tire of wanting to give in to the whim inside of you wonders what the other end of the world holds for you, and how might that experience change you… for the better.

And while we didn’t invent the saying “travel broadens the mind”… we merely borrowed it from the past travelers and explorers who have come to such realization.



Story Teller ~ San Diego, California

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  1. July 14, 2009 4:01 pm

    I like your blog very much and warm greeting from us in Indonesia’s Ujungkulon National Park… keep writing, keep smiling…

    • uniquetraveldestinations permalink*
      July 14, 2009 10:23 pm

      Hi Mirza,
      Thanks for the positive response. Are you actually deep inside Ujung Kulon Nat’l Park? … for real? Would love to hear more about it! There’s an eco lodge in the park right? Is it connected to the other eco-lodges across Indonesia, ie. the ones in Way Kambas, Udayana, and Orang Utan one (I forgot where it was, either in Sumatra or Kalimantan).
      Let’s stay in touch.
      Dian ~ San Diego

      • July 26, 2009 2:02 pm

        Hi again Dian, sorry for my late reply. I am not living deep inside Ujungkulon national park. But I used to lived in Tamanjaya (the main gateway to the park) since 1994 to 2002. During that period I run my own eco-lodge (named Wisma Cinta Alam) while I worked also as a tour guide.
        I left Tamanjaya in the end of 2002 due to the terrorist bombing that bring very bad impact to tourism business in our country.
        Accommodation facility is available at Peucang Island and Handeuleum Island and it is run by the national park’s management.

        If you are in facebook, please add me as your friend. You can easily find me on Facebook by typing my full name.

        Best regards,

      • uniquetraveldestinations permalink*
        July 30, 2009 3:50 pm

        Hi Sharz, to find you on facebook, your account name is under “sharz”? Or is it under a different (longer) name? Thx, dian

  2. August 10, 2009 12:26 pm

    You can easily find me on Facebook by typing my full name: Mirza Sharz. See you..

  3. Cathey permalink
    September 24, 2009 1:47 am

    Stunning pictures! Every location you cover is captivating and hard to pull myself away. I love it and will come back often. Warm regards!

    • uniquetraveldestinations permalink*
      September 25, 2009 7:17 pm

      Hi Cathey, thanks for your constant support. Yep, it’s painstaking, back-bending work indeed! My approach to the blogging is VISUAL, not only because I’m very visual myself, but because I believe in the power of pictures. Especially when it comes to travel!!!! People only WANT to travel to places they find visually stimulating! ciao, d

  4. December 9, 2009 9:54 pm

    Hey there,
    What a great site! I am so happy to have stumbled across it as I was writing up my own posting on the Hotel Amigo. I have bookmarked your blog and will no doubt return often!
    Thanks for such great content. Best, Meg

  5. May 23, 2010 2:19 pm

    Hi Dian,

    Oh, you’re my soul mate in everyway!

    First thank you for finding my retreat… Wake Up in Bali. You’re such a blessing to pass the word on. I suggest we hook up in Bali, I can introduce you to real cultural immersion and some incredible Balinese!

    warm regards,


    • uniquetraveldestinations permalink*
      May 23, 2010 11:28 pm

      Hi Sterling, apa kabar? The pleasure’s all mine! You’re right we could be connected on a more divine level! I stumbled upon your website while researching for “Eat, Love & Pray” inspired activities in Bali. And yours was the first one I found. This is going to sound totally amazing, but I’m actually half-Indonesian/half-Czech avid observer of the world (and yes, I can’t seem to ever get enough of traveling!!), and my favorite place on the planet is – unequivocally – BALI!!
      I also realized that you have another biz that’s of similar interest. Your eco-oriented souvenirs/merchandise/clothing from Bali. I’ve been contemplating of doing something in this area, knowing full well that anything like this – SO LONG IS COMES WITH A COMPELLING (Brand) STORY and a great humanitarian mission, should sell (and fly) in San Diego where I’m based.
      Most definitely, let’s stay connected. I’m reachable via, and cell: 16192462311. Bless your heart for doing great things for Bali and her people!! ciao, dian

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