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World’s Sexiest Resort Pools, Unite! (6 of 10)

November 18, 2009

By Dian Hasan | November 18, 2009

What would a resort stay experience be without a pool? Unthinkable for today’s travelers. They’ve come a long way, playing a central role in creating a distinctive experience and the common denominator as a social hub. Integral to a hotel’s brand identity. Here’s a glance at some of world’s most gorgeous resort pools, sharing the same traits regardless of their locale: sexy and chic!

Therme Vals Spa-SWITZERLAND Indoor Pool 5Vigilius Mountain Retreat-ITALY Pool 3Amanyara-TURKS & CAICOS Pool 1Vigilius Mountain Retreat-ITALY Pool 2Therme Vals Spa-SWITZERLAND Indoor Pool 3Remota-Patagonia-CHILE Pool 1Therme Vals Spa-SWITZERLAND Indoor Pool 4Remota-Patagonia-CHILE Pool 2Amanyara-TURKS & CAICOS Pool 2Therme Vals Spa-SWITZERLAND Indoor Pool 1Amanyara-TURKS & CAICOS Pool 3Singita Lebombo Lodge-ZA Pool 2Vigilius Mountain Retreat-ITALY Pool 1Awasi-Atacama-CHILE Pool 1Singita Boulders-ZA Pool 1Chedi Muscat-OMAN Pool 2Singita Grumeti Reserves Sasakwa Hill Lodge-TANZANIA Pool 1Chedi Muscat-OMAN Pool 4

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